What's up with Photographers? I know they are bitching and moaning about people not respecting the art, not getting paid, or not receiving credit. But, how is one suppose to respect the art when there are shooters or proclaimed shooters leveling down the art. (to each its own, right? I respect everyone) Understandable you take a shoot for no pay or little pay because it will really "benefit" you or will get your work "promoted".

Only to keep you with the hopes and dreams that one image will get you to where you need to get... BUT NO, it turns out to be the total opposite. You receive no money, no honey, and NO LOVE (credit) on that one image or set. *Side note* To come find out that, that image not only got so much love, but NO BODY knew it was YOU who created it. So where does that leave you?....Feeling just there. So much emotion and dedication to that one project, to feel played. Also here's my other question, what's up with subjects gassing shit up for one? Y'all do not even deliver what you said you were gonna do, but y'all love our work?...I don't get it, where's the support? Where's the loyalty?

Cut it out. Respect the shooter. Respect the artist. Photographers stay up countless nights cleaning those pimples you stressed about, retouching those gorditos you kept feeling insecure about, with no sleep to produce the best work we think is yet to be seen. Loose sleep and stress the fact that if your images do not look up to par, we feel like it was not our best. Only to take these "opportunities" because it sounds like the sweetest deal. Like I said, where's the loyalty you had to create while shooting? Down the toilet...

But back to my question. What's up with Photographers?...Why do we always let shit slide? Seriously. Tired of that shit.

So I decided to create a To Do List for Photographers: "Agreeing to that Sweet Deal"

  • Research who they are.
  • Create a Release Form Agreement. (Click here for more information)
  • Create something dope.
  • Watermark your images. (If you do not have a watermark, Adobe Lightroom, lets you create a simple watermark, even if its "@yournamehere".)
  • Never turn in youR work without your watermark, unless there is prior written agreement. Remember FYPM. (google it)
  • If you feel some type of way SPEAK UP!

Photographers need a voice and the courage to not let anything slide anymore. If they don't like what you demand like MTV says, NEXT! I also hope subjects learned that it is more than just "clicking" or "pressing" that button. Take the time to learn what your photographer had to go through to learn how to maneuver an electronic and difficult software's that is just as complex as learning to draw.  A mind of an artist is amazing and every medium of art should be respected and well taken care of. Let's learn to really start appreciating photographers and giving them the love and support we need as well. 

I hope you enjoyed! No pictures, but just my thoughts! Oh... also see a photo and don't know who created it just tag... #WhoIsTheShooter!

Live Happy, Smile!

xo Crispi