Crispi x HoodTarantino stroll the streets of NYC

So, I want you guys to meet my new friend AJ. I met AJ randomly in the streets of the Lower East Side, NYC from my last trip to Jersey. I was in need of a second model; I told myself I would find someone to shoot off the streets of New York City... since you know, there was no time for a new casting and what do you know AJ was the lucky one!
You guys can check AJ's images from our shoot by clicking here!

Little did I know AJ was a film creator and director. We decided to link up and put our creative forces together. AJ and I work pretty well hand in hand, so this will not be our only time working together. New York City should be on the look out for AJ aka "HoodTaratino". Take a look at some random footage and images we came up with from our strolls in the Lower East Side.

I was able to learn about one of the few holes in the wall left in New York City, called "Ray's Candy Store". You guys should definitely taste Ray's fried bananas and chocolate milk! Really warms you up after long film and shooting in this cold weather. Most definitely have to follow them on the gram @RaysCandyStory !

I hope you guys enjoy!

xoxo Crispi