Ciroc Empowered Brunch

Whats up guys! Yesterday I attended a private brunch hosted by CÎROC. I was invited by Norma formally known as "NormaNow". You definitely have heard of her. She is one of the female OG's of Miami. She brought us PeachFuzz, Trap Paradise, Best Day Ever, and continues to bring us many more events. She was recognized as one of the 100 empowered women making power moves in Miami!

A little back ground of what the event was about; "The makers of CÎROC Vodka partnered with VARIETY AND WOMEN’S WEAR DAILY to invite women to brunch with a purpose as a part of the Empowered Brunch Series. To dine and dish empowerment with some of the biggest female names in entertainment, music and sports."

It is pretty dope being invited and to be considered an empowering woman! With that being said, y'all really need to start paying attention man. Women are about to start changing the world...for the BETTER. Whether we bring you a party, art show, an event, talk show etc etc; paying attention to what actually goes on behind the scenes will give you a better understanding as to how one is being empowering and empowered. Never let social media or the internet fill you up or blow you up.

Norma along side with other women are here to show you what the Miami culture has to offer. Come to the other side of the bridge and see what's good! (Like Wynwood Brewery with yummy food from the Peruvian foodtruck!) Sometimes it's not all about the sandy beach and nice palm trees.

Remember ladies... RESPECT, PEACE, and UNITY will only make us stronger and better. Leave the competition and vulture attitude at home!

Enjoy some images I got to take while stuffing my face with their yummy food and drinking those CÎROC drinks!

Thank you CÎROC for making this happen!

Live Happy! Smile

xo Crispi