Babo Teahouse - Jersey City, NJ

Babo Teahouse...oh man I wish I can pull out images from when my friend took me here when we were around 14 years old! Anyway on my recent trip back home to Jersey of course; I re-visited Babo Teahouse located in Downtown Jersey City. It is one of those places that if you are from the area, been there when you were young, or you just so happen to leave Newport Mall and walk to the Pier you suddenly run into it; then you know about the teahouse. I would like to call it an updated "hole in the wall". This teahouse needs a little bit more recognition though. Besides the really tasty babo tea, I had the banana flavored. The cup calls it "China". Babo Teahouse has couple elements that sets this teahouse apart from other teahouses. They have a bookshelf with exclusive one of kind Breaking Bad  figurines and authentic props from the Breaking Bad set. I also remember another bookshelf with other exclusive figurines and collectibles!  Parallel from that there is a whole section of coin machines filled with awesome anime, cartoon toy, and different stickers....Wait...Did I forget to mention there is charging station for your cellphones?! CLUTCH!  AND they have food as well too! BTW their chicken wings were pretty bomb! (Stole some from Ariel!)

Oh yeah, Ariel! Hey mister! Alright guys, my friend Ariel is a really good friend of mine, which I have been friends with for a while now. Only caught one picture of his face, but I can def pull up some #TBT flicks! I'll do that later though. Mystery is awesome and I rather you guys figure out who he is while continuing my journey. Just know this awesome creative being is one smart nerdy cookie like your gyal. Don't let the fashion and sneakers kick you off guard. There's a reason why we were "ATCF". 

Enjoy some images, and stay on the look out!

Live Happy, Smile!

xo Crispi