Greatest Day Ever NYC

So, earlier this week I flew out to NY for the Agenda Show in NYC. I went ahead and took advantage to make my way to The Greatest Day Ever in NYC; the saga for the GDE in Miami. I obviously brought my camera and my lovely friend Jessica Rose with me.

For some of you that are not familiar with the The Greatest Day Ever, it is literally "The Greatest Day Ever". Why? You ask?... Well, already experiencing the Miami #GDE version with awesome games, beer, food and amazing performances at LMNT. I got a taste of what the Brunch BounceYesJulz, NormaNow, and others brought to the concrete jungle in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

But you know, it was actually "the greatest day ever"! Enjoy some images of my awesome friends and strangers, which made it literally the greatest day ever. Experiencing Travis Scott and his raging mosh pits in my all white air force 1's probably was not the best idea, but it was definitely worth it!