The Art of Bae - Crispi's First Annual Gallery - Art Basel Edition '15

It was an awesome #ArtBasel15 being able to be apart of a lot of events, shooting DJ Esco on his first Art Basel, meeting Metro Boomin and just embracing the art . Art Basel 2015 is really another for the books to remember!

Being able to curate and perform my own first art gallery exhibit for Art Basel 2015, at the Congress Hotel in Miami Beach was a blessing. The gallery is called The Art of Bae #BaeswithArt #ArtBaselEdition.
Shining light on 7 females, including myself, to showcase their talents. To showcase talent from the event flyer created to the physical art being exhibited. The meaning of The Art of Bae is to show the world that females in general (any type) are art producing art despite the concept or the way they look. #BaeswithArt was one of the hashtags created meaning, females with art. This gallery was created in a matter of 4 days. It had a very lounge feel with a good decent turn around.

This was just the beginning, y'all gone have to stay tuned for part 2 of #theartofbae and many more. It is time to shine light on the real culture and underground artists.

Do it for the art, don't do it for the hype. 

Baes with Art: Crispi - Yahighrus - Claudia - Denise - Ashley - Luccia

Mc Bae: Tami

Erasmo for flying back from LA! Special thanks to #bestqualitycanvas for pulling through with my prints! Also, thanks to everyone who came and showed love and support!

Dreams do come true! Live Happy! Smile

xo Crispi